Rooms, So Many Rooms.

The Hallway Headquarters is an expansion on the already world famous Hallway Escape. We have 3 themed, immersive Escape Rooms and will soon have one escape room just for kids! 

However, we're also going to have conference rooms for offsite team meetings, corporate awards and corporate team building. We also want to introduce the Blue Water Area to themed party rooms for birthday parties and family reunions. 

“We’re creative and would love to help people who need, not only a space to host their meetings or parties, but also the creative ideas to make the events really stand out from the crowd.”



“We're not a hotel, but we have rooms on rooms on rooms”

Theodore Roosevelt

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Coming Soon...

Themed Party Rooms

Hosting a party? We have themed party rooms for all ages. Rent a room, choose a theme, bring in your food, drinks and guests and we'll do the rest. 


What do you mean, themed rooms?

We have party rooms designed to ensure your guests have a fun unique party experience outside of just cake, ice cream and gifts. For kids, we have an Angry Birds themed party, where kids can catapult birds into towers to knock 'em over. For adults, we have a game host to hold your very own Celebrity Game night for your crew. See below for our most current list of theme ideas. 


01. Celebrity Game Night

While, we won't have Jane Lynch, we will have a game host to challenge your friends in a friendly competition of fun and silly. Available for all ages. 

02. Craft-a-palooza

Crafting with a twist, bring your friends and some wine, and choose two-three crafts. We'll provide the supplies and the directions. 

03. Digging Party

Little kids and toddlers love to dig and splash and fiddle with things. We have the party for them. Let them play and make a mess without having to worry about cleaning it up. You're welcome. 

04. angry birds

Do your kids love to knock things over? Well, this one is for them. We'll provide a catapult and the knock-over-able objects. 


Wanna' play?

"There's so much room for activities"

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