Game Show Night


Game Show Night

Ever wanted to jump through the TV to join in the games while watching Hollywood Game Night or Family Feud?

Now’s your chance, with our very own Game Show Night Private Party Room. Minimum of 8 participants, max of 16 for one and half hours of the most fun. Rent the room for $295. *Add on refundable $75 cleaning deposit to bring in your own food and drink, no mess and you’ll get a refund. What type of games are there?

The best kind. Yes, there will be some trivia games, but you don’t need to be like that guy who won Jeopardy a million times in 2004. You should know how to hold a pencil, but you don’t need to be Picasso. You may have to speak into a microphone, but you won’t need to be able to carry a tune.

The games all take very little skill but a lot of enthusiasm.

Tell me more…

Bring your most competitive friend or your most chill,laid-back-just-wanna-watch kind of friend. We’ll divvy everyone up into 2 teams, and in those teams as the games are explained you can decide which team members are going to participate. Some games take 2 players, some 4. There’s a place for your loudest most obnoxious friend to shine or for your sit in the corner friend to watch and enjoy the rest of us fools.


Wanna' play?

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