Football Bowling

Football Bowling 

Football bowling combines the best of bowling, football and cornhole. Find a teammate, throw a football at bowling pins, knock down your opponents' pins before they knock down yours to win. You lose, you leave the lane. You win, you stay. 

Rent 'Em

To rent a Fowling set for the day, your cost is $95 for pick up and drop off from The Hallway Headquarters. Call for a quote with delivery.  

Football Bowling Rules

  • The game is played in pairs (like cornhole, beer pong and basically every other awesome game out there).

  • Take turns throwing the football to try and knock down all of your opponent's pins before they knock down yours.

  • Once a ball touches the ground, it's no longer an active ball and you can play defense by catching, blocking or grabbing the inactive ball.

  • There is no interfering with an active ball.

  • Once a pin is down, it's down. It doesn't matter what caused the pin to go down (accidental knock down, another lane's ball knocked it down, or it was struck by an inactive ball).

  • Fallen pins must be cleared.