Moving Dance Parties


Private Parties on the move

Book your very own dance party with all your best friends - private party style. We can host parties for groups as small as 8 people or as large as 20 the price is $20 a person for 60-90 minute party depending on your groups’ needs.

For private parties we’ll provide a host and have a consultation to determine the party route that suits your group best. If you want to meet downtown and make a few bar stops, we can do that, if you want to take a more scenic route by the water, we can do that. The possibilities are endless.

Ticketed Bar Crawl style events

Book individual tickets with us for a bar crawl style party. Each party will have unique stops, routes and prices based on the event. Some events will include stops at bars for drink breaks. Just keep checking our Facebook page for the latest and greatest updates for these events!

Moving workouts

Once the weather is nice we’ll be hosting a few weekly workouts with our headphones. Our instructor will guide you through simple, fun exercises while you’re on the move outside! Stay tuned for more info on prices, dates and classes.