It all started when…

The Hallway Headquarters is an expansion on the already world famous Hallway Escape. We like to think of ourselves as The Headquarters of Fun in the Blue Water Area. 

So, what does that mean? 

Great question. It means, we're going to offer more than just escape rooms (although, escape rooms are pretty awesome on their own). We're now offering...

  • A Fun Offsite Meeting and Conference Room
  • Themed Parties, Centered around a Unique Activity - no one else is going to have a party like the one you throw here... 
  • 3 Escape Rooms
  • 1 Puzzle/Scavenger Hunt Room for Kids 
  • An Actual Scavenger Hunt Around Downtown Port Huron 
  • "Fowling" Boards for Playing Football Bowling at your next backyard BBQ
  • And who knows what else, we're always coming up with crazy ideas here. Just keep checking in to see what's next! 


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